Andrew B. Hatch

Director, Biosecurity

Andrew B. Hatch has a strong background in agricultural science, with experience in nearly all parts of cannabis production, as well as cannabis-specific research, plant pathology, plant tissue culture, and plant breeding. For many years he owned Rikki’s Tropicals, a nursery dedicated to the ex situ conservation of endangered orchid species. He is a frequent lecturer at universities and botanic gardens, and actively mentors students in the fields of agricultural and horticultural science. Before joining IMPACT, Andrew directed research in the Scientific Operations department for a very large, vertically integrated cannabis dispensary chain. In this role, he led a team of scientists to drive process optimization, ensure product safety, maximize yields, develop high-throughput tissue culture protocols, create continuing education classes and training tools, and maintain a plant pathology lab for crop protection. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Soil and Crop Sciences: Plant Biotechnology, Genetics, and Breeding from Colorado State University, and lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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