Alex Hearding

Chief IMPACT Officer

With an enthusiasm for the cannabis plant that is palpable, Alex is dedicated to improving the industry through his wealth of knowledge on risk management, worker safety, product safety, and business development. As an advocate for legalization for over 20 years, Alex Hearding has dedicated his life’s work to correcting the harm the war on drugs has done to individuals and communities across the United States. During Colorado’s “Green Rush” in 2009, he started as a medical caregiver growing plants for patients in need and at the turn of the state’s adult-use laws, received one of the first retail cultivation licenses.

Over the course of the last 11 years, Alex has used his experience through lessons learned as fuel to equip business owners, entrepreneurs, and dreamers to shape the future of cannabis with the tools necessary for success. The innovation of the IPP tool is a direct result of Hearding’s deep-rooted understanding of the trials and tribulations faced by those who, similarly to him, have been climbing the same path to establish a stable, fully functioning cannabis business in an industry that isn’t structured safely, fairly or sustainably.

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