Rocco Petrilli


Driven to improve the profitability and sustainability of the cannabis industry at large, Rocco Petrilli serves as CEO, IMPACT Powered by NCRPS. IMPACT offers the cannabis industry an enterprise-wide business operational health assessment and improvement process. Outputs of the assessment provide the client with a series of categorized health results scored and measured against established best in class business practices. These outputs are analyzed and presented in a report that effectively provides a gap analysis and customized corrective action syllabus. The Health and Recommendations report further defines processes and practices which direct the client to prioritize based on their criticality to business operations, cost control/reduction and continuous improvement objectives. The upshot of full execution of this roadmap is a long-standing positive I-M-P-A-C-T on the company’s overall performance.

Mr. Petrilli is also Chairman of the NCRMA. IMPACT Powered by NCRPS recently combined
with the NCRMA and will serve as the lead brand while NCRMA managed association membership and the NCRM Academy’s educational and certification offerings. In addition, he championed the startup of insurance captive management company that offers the TRICHOME branded products.

A 35-year business executive and veteran of the automotive components manufacturing industry, Mr. Petrilli has extensive experience in all aspects of global and multinational business planning and development. He also specializes in formal continuous improvement and talent optimization, achieving multiple team victories in more than a dozen business startups by creating the proper organizational architecture and driving out operational inefficiencies.

Mr. Petrilli earned a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

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