Chronic Risk Episode 2: Transform The Expertise And Understanding of The Cannabis Industry with Jessica Velazquez

Transform the expertise and understanding of the cannabis industry with Jessica Velazquez, President of Indiva Advisors. Indiva’s mission is to transform the expertise and understanding of the evolving cannabis industry into innovative, value-added solutions for their clients, their business partners, and their community. Indiva assisted business owners and c-suite executives in achieving their goals by providing guidance on tax and general business matters. They’ve worked with closely held businesses, as well as publicly-traded multinationals across a variety of industries, including gaming, retail, and manufacturing. Jessica Velazquez is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in Illinois & Nevada and Managing Partner of Indiva Advisors LLP. Jessica assists business owners to navigate through unique accounting, tax, and financial industry challenges. She guides c-suite executives to achieve their goals by providing guidance on tax and general business matters. She brings with her a wide array of experience, working with closely-held businesses as well as publicly-traded multinationals, across a variety of industries such as gaming, retail, and manufacturing. Jessica hails from traditional business, having worked for public accounting firms PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young, as well as In 2013, Jessica started her own practice with an emphasis on income tax planning and strategic business consulting for closely held companies. After identifying a gap for qualified professionals in the cannabis industry, she sought advice from state and federal oversight boards and realized that her past experiences gave her the ability to understand the needs of both large and small, and decided to take the leap. Jessica is Indiva Advisors’ main authority in 280E and general tax matters for individuals, partnerships, and corporations. She is responsible for representing clients in federal audit and collection cases and has a wealth of experience with state and local tax matters. She enjoys problem-solving and working with clients to achieve their tax and business goals.

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