ChronicRisk Episode 17: Simplifya with VP of Partnerships Brooke Butler

Staying on top of the ever-changing rules and regulations while running a business in cannabis is no small feat. That is why the NCRMA is thrilled to welcome Simplifya, the leading provider of regulatory and operational compliance software for the cannabis industry, to our network of Service Partners. Together, the NCRMA and Simplifya recognize the value compliance and risk mitigation will increasingly play in the burgeoning cannabis industry. On this episode of ChronicRisk we are joined by Brooke Butler, Simplifya’s VP of Partnerships, who dives into what the software is and how cannabis businesses can benefit from it. She explains at what point in business development new cannabis businesses should bring in the platform and what businesses are risking by not investing in it. The number one way to mitigate and manage risk is through compliance and being ready for the next regulatory challenge. Whether you’re a new or mature cannabis business, our goal is to provide you with the tools and savings needed to identify, manage and eliminate the risks inherent in this highly regulated industry. 

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