Interested in becoming a IMPACT™ manager?

The cannabis industry is growing. Literally! And so are we! Impact’s network of vetted consultants and industry experts are setting the Gold Standard for risk management in the cannabis industry. We provide an extensive menu of risk management services customized to our client’s needs. According to Forbes, cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries, globally. Additionally, the cannabis industry has continued to thrive and generate millions of revenues amidst the 2+ year pandemic for participating states. Impact is seeking passionate individuals who are ready to join our team and pioneer our vision of education, support, and expertise to the cannabis industry through risk management. Are you ready to bulletproof your career in this emerging industry? If so, we would love to continue the conversation with you.

IMPACT Manager Qualifications


  • 1 year min (2+ years preferred) experience in Cannabis Operations OR Risk Management
  • Computer skills: Word, Excel, email, video conference (zoom), Dropbox or similar
  • Ability to use new software 
  • Ability to manage a complex project on a deadline
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time Management skills


  • Experience with compliance (State MJ enforcement, OSHA, IRS, Health Dept, Ag Dept, EPA, etc.)
  • Certifications/Licenses in Insurance, Risk Management, or Cannabis
  • Higher education degree in applicable sciences (Botany, Chemical, Environmental, Risk Management, etc.)
  • Project Management Experience

Education & Training

The right candidate will be able to;

  • Successfully complete RM certification courses thru the NCRM Academy/ maintain required continuing education
  • Successfully complete risk assignments using proprietary software for each risk type
  • Shadow approved IMPACT Manager during agreed probationary period

IMPACT Manager’s Role and Responsibilities will include, but not limited to;

  • Working with appointed brokers and the facility’s key personnel to receive all applicable information and documentation necessary to perform and assessment.
  • Reviewing forementioned info and documentation in applicable proprietary software assessment module (Enterprise wide, COSH, Product, etc.).
  • Determine if on-site assessment is needed.
  • Travel to facilities to preform on-site assessment, if needed.
  • Complete proprietary software assessment (generate scorecard and report).
  • Deliver assessment results and recommendations to facility’s key personnel.
  • Follow up review (30 days after assessment) to verify that severe and significant issues are resolved, if needed.
  • Perform annual assessments of the facilities, or as needed.
  • Claims review to determine cause of loss 
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