IMPACT™ Performance Program (IP²)

Many of the risks cannabis businesses face are self-inflicted, because the industry lacks clear standards and guidelines.

To optimize your cannabis business’s health, you need the tools to identify and mitigate risk, not only for the success of your business but for the success of the industry as a whole. The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone.

IMPACT’s ’s  mission is to provide solutions designed to improve your business and to mitigate and eliminate threats that can be detrimental to your business goals, brand, and reputation.

Our proprietary SAAS, IMPACT™ Performance Program (IP²) was is designed specifically help cannabis companies through an assessment that’s tailored to the needs of your business.

What We Offer


IMPACT™ Performance Program (IP²) is our propriety and innovative assessment tool.


IP² identifies potential threats through a generated scorecard and detailed report, complete with customized interventions.


Our team of experienced cannabis IMPACT Managers provide resources to help identify controls and processes necessary to help improve organizational health.


Our Cannabis Risk Prevention Platform (IP²) identifies potential threats and generates a scorecard and detailed report complete with customized interventions and resources. It shows where each entity has room for improvement, and we create customized solutions to help you understand and control threats that can be detrimental to your business.


Here’s how it works:

Prepare and Deliver Your Initial Organizational Assessment

Identify Improvement Opportunities

Deliver Scorecard and Recommended Improvements

Present and Agree Upon a Prioritized Action Plan: to include one or more of the following

– Implementation of Standardized IMPACT Tools
– Customized Recommendation of NCRM Academy Courses
– Introduction/Consideration of IMPACT Strategic Partners and their Products and Services

Prepare and Deliver Your Follow Up Organizational Assessment

Present New Scorecard and Your Implemented Improvements

Continuous Improvement Through Ongoing Assessments, Program and Industry Updates, and New Offerings

Resulting In:

Higher performance and more sustainable business

Organizational Health Scores

Your organizational health score is a reflection of your company’s preparedness to minimize specific threats to your business.

We can help you identify the threats within your operation based on:

Worker Safety
Product Safety
Property Liability
General Liability
Banking Liability
Inventory & Cash Management 

IMPACT Assessment and Improvement Process

Ready to maximize your organizational health?

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