National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services and PI Midlantic Join Forces to Bring Talent Optimization Solution to Cannabis

Two market leaders in the areas of talent optimization and disruptive risk management have combined to offer the industry a much-needed talent optimization solution to the people issues that challenge the sustainability of the current cannabis market.

By virtue of this partnership, PI Midlantic brings its proven and industry leading suite of talent optimization products and professionals to NCRPS and its broad-based risk assessment, risk education, strategy and execution insurance, cannabis vertical and banking/financing client base.

With over 700 clients in every industry and over 37 years in the business; PI Midlantic has consistently been ranked the #1 PI Partner in the world for the past 8 years.

“PI Midlantic is an integral part of our onboarding and employee development process, providing a wealth of knowledge and experience. They are a wonderful partner that is truly always available whenever we need them.”

Dan Crumb, Vice President of Finance – Kansas City Chiefs

“Growth of the US cannabis industry will not become sustainable until it becomes profitable, ” said Rocco Petrilli, CEO and President of NCRPS. “NCRPS has long maintained that EFFECTIVE risk management held the key to establishing profitability in the US cannabis market. Our partnership with PI Midlantic is further evidence of our conviction to define and positively impact the cost and risk profile of the legal cannabis market.”

The partnership will kick off its offering with a webinar on November 9, 2022 and will feature multiple Talent Optimization course offering through the NCRM Academy. Cannabis individuals and companies will be given the opportunity to become clients of PI Midlantic and work with them to apply their many tools in the integration of a talent strategy into their business strategy.

“EFFECTIVE risk management attacked the cost line and there are few business areas that cost companies more than that of placing the right people in the right places”, added Petrilli.

ABOUT NCRPS: NCRPS offers the cannabis industry an enterprise-wide business risk framework assessment and improvement process. Outputs of the assessment provide the client with a series of categorized risk scores (which are analogous to credit scores) measured against established best in class risk practices in a report that effectively provides a gap analysis and customized corrective action syllabus which directs the client to prioritize based on their criticality to business operations, cost control/reduction and continuous improvement objectives.

NCRPS recently combined with the National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) and will serve as the lead brand while NCRMA manages association membership and the NCRM Academy’s educational offerings.

ABOUT PI MIDLANTIC: PI Midlantic’s Talent Optimization discipline focuses on developing your organization’s people strategy and aligning it with your business strategy, creating overall better business result. PI Midlantic’s priority is your organization’s most important asset – its people. Our flagship Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment is used globally by over 7,100 companies. For more than 50 years, they have partnered with our clients to improve their productivity and profitability through PI Midlantic’s core services: Encourage Smarter Hiring Process, Increase Employee Retention Rates, Enhance Executive Team Performance, Expand Staff Leadership Skills, Boost Internal Communications and Management Effectiveness

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