New Course Announcement: Site and Facility Evaluation and Feasibility

A new course has been added to the National Cannabis Risk Management Academy entitled, “Site and Facility Evaluation and Feasibility”. This is a critical step in the pre-operational planning for a new cannabis business. The course outlines basic screening and assessment methodologies to avoid many of the pitfalls that are delaying and disrupting new business owners as they rush to get a foothold in the cannabis industry.
The objectives for this course are to:

  • Increase your awareness of potential threats to your business associated with property acquisition and use of existing structures.
  • Recognize possible problems that can delay and disrupt opening the doors due to not properly screening, assessing, and selecting a property.
  • Understand the importance of establishing foundational business elements before starting a property search.
  • Learn a simple, yet proven process to identify, screen, evaluate, and select the best available location(s) for your business.
  • Learn key practices and considerations to include in the site selection process that go beyond basic location and zoning.
  • Understand that the work you’re doing to select a location for your business is the start of taking control of your business for future success.

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Jack Palis
Sr. IMPACT Manager

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