PCRM Certification Released and NCRM Academy

We are proud to announce a new professional certification available through The National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA): Professional Cannabis Risk Manager (PCRM).

This is the premier certification for demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the broad scope of operational risks in the cannabis industry.

The program consists of 33 courses covering general risk management and insurance for cannabis businesses as well as specific subjects such as occupational safety & health, compliance, medical cannabis, and talent optimization. Upon completion of the courses and passing a final exam, the PCRM certification is designed to educate and expand on the professional’s awareness and understanding of the many risks of cannabis operations. The courses are delivered by 14 different subject matter experts that are recognized and respected in their fields and the cannabis industry.

Click to go view the PCRM Curriculum on the NCRMA Academy Website

Professionals in many fields obtain various types of certifications and designations to demonstrate the level of knowledge and training in cannabis risk identification and control, as well as their commitment to excellence and best practices.

Whether you are an experienced cannabis operator, compliance professional, safety professional, insurance broker, or you’re transfer your expertise to this rapidly growing industry, attaining the PCRM certification will make you stand out in a crowded industry and show your breadth and depth of knowledge in managing the numerous risks found in cannabis operations.

In addition, attaining the PCRM certification is a worthwhile goal as you plan your career, consider ways to expand your breadth of specialized knowledge, or simply to satisfy ongoing training and development objectives within your company.


  • 33 courses across 6 areas of focus
  • Delivering by 14 subject matter experts with diverse and deep cannabis experience.
  • Over 26 hours of education
  • Comprehensive final exam
  • Certificate of completion

Pricing: Regularly priced at $1,995 with a special introductory offer of $995 until the new year!

The certification is obtained through the NCRM Academy.

Jack Palis
Sr. IMPACT Manager

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