Talent Optimization: The Future of Employment

High turnover rates among entry level positions continue to plague the cannabis industry. Two factors that disrupt employee engagement and productivity are poor job fit and poor team fit. Companies create business strategies but hardly ever look at the critical component of hiring the right people. Talent Optimization is a discipline that can help leaders close the talent gap. Intentional and strategic hiring can create a major paradigm shift in the dynamic of the company. Amazing things happen when you put the right people in the right jobs. Employees begin to understand how they operate, how they make decisions, what environments they thrive in, and the innate ability they have to make choices that are in alignment with their motives, values, and drives.

The NCRMA is proud to partner with PI Midlantic, who believe that people are the heart of your business. They utilize four behavioral analytics to create a more intentional and strategic approach to building teams: Diagnose, Design, Hire, and Inspire. When these four activities are intentionally and strategically executed, you align your business with the data you need to close the talent gap once and for all.

Check out the NCRMA website to learn more about our Cannabis Talent Optimization Certificate Program!

Stephanie Sandoval
Dispensary Channel Expert

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