White Paper: Reducing Cannabis Testing and Label Failures

Testing failures place financial burdens on cannabis businesses. To date, most of the claims and litigation around cannabis products that have resulted in product recalls, consumer class actions and alleged state regulatory violations or violations of consumer protection statutes have been predicated largely on allegations of contamination, mislabeling and testing failures.

We expect that industry risk management advancements, along with the adoption of uniform standards for cultivation, manufacturing and testing, will help to drive down future liability for contamination, label inaccuracies, testing failures and similar claims. In this white paper you will learn which risk management activities should be embraced by cannabis companies at all levels of management.

Meet the Authors

Ian A. Stewart

Chair of Cannabis Law Practice, Wilson Elser

Rocco Petrilli

Chairman, National Cannabis Risk Management Association

Alex Hearding

Chief IMPACT Officer, National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services

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